About the strip

Robot, AI and Me is a comic strip about the emerging society of Robots, Artificial Intelligences (AIs) and Humans. The strip looks at new topics, situations, conversations and dynamics in this emerging society.

I show robots as squares, AI's as triangles, and people as circles. These felt like the primordial shapes from which the strip should flow. As you can tell I ain't no Picasso but I'm not gonna let that stop me.

Be warned! These are not just the 'funnies' they are rudimentarily rendered prophecies. 


Legal Schmegal

All concepts, strips, cartoons, and terms are concepts and themes are copyright. Share the bejabbers out of it on social media for non commercial use. But be warned, should you profit riding on my back I have deep AIs and swarm bots ready to deliver justice.

Thoughts and opinions in this strip are my own and do not represent the views, beliefs or darkest nightmares of anyone I have worked with, am working with or will ever work with.